Thursday, August 15, 2013

Print Your Way To That Special Someone's Heart

When a special occasion arrives early in a relationship you want to make sure that you make the right impression. Whether it's a birthday or Valentine's day, conveying the right message can be a big deal. So why should you wander store aisles sifting through a bunch of humdrum Hallmark cards when you could take the opportunity to do something unique and stand out? Yes, you can print your own card and make it look good. Here's what you need:
  • 3 pieces of heavy card stock paper
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors
  • A laser color printer (or use a nearby print shop - in Miami here that's Ritter's Printing for me)
First, you'll want to pick out some artwork for your card. There are plenty of free clip art websites that will allow you to download and print them. For our purposes, let's say you find a few standard shaped heart images. You'll want one piece of paper to be the outside of the card and one to be the inside. So using a simple program like Microsoft Powerpoint will allow you to easily set up the layout with the right side containing your images and text (keeping in mind that it will be folded in half).

The outer portion of the card will surround the inner portion, which will also have a three dimensional element to make your card literally stand out. You'll want to use your design program to print your message on the inside of the card as well. However, you'll want to leave the center of the card free of print so you can add your three dimensional element. To do this, fold the paper in half and cut two parallel one inch slits in the center of the card along the spine. Once you've made the cut, fold the slit inside the card so that there appears to be a notch out of the card when it's folded. That notch will allow anything glued to it to "jump" off the card when your recipient opens it.

Now you can print up a heart to cut out with your scissors and glue onto the inside of the notch. Once you've got the internal heart adhered you can then glue the outside of your card to the inside of your card, sign it and find an envelope for it. While it may take a little more time and effort to go this route, you'll certainly show that special someone that they're worth a little more time and effort than some impersonal off the shelf greeting card.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One for my alma mater, OSU!

Ohio State Buckeye’s
(Photo credit: DBduo Photography)
I just wanted to express my appreciation for my one big sporting interest, the Ohio State Buckeyes! After the fall of Jim Tressel I worried the program would flounder for a while, especially with the impending and ongoing sanctions against the program.

But this past weekend there was redemption, to a degree, as the Buckeyes finished off an undefeated season that put a proud smile on the face of alumni like myself.

I realize the program had some issues but it's nice to see things getting turned around, especially as quickly as it has been done here. A lot of credit needs to go to Urban Meyer, but also the kids who never got down on their circumstances and would likely be playing in the national championship if not for the deeds of others.

So, I'm just putting it out there, the Big Ten is in a lot of trouble once things get back up to full speed, as the Buckeyes just went undefeated without everything working at 100%. College football teams everywhere have been warned. :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Successful Birthday Shopping: Boomer Sooner!

Oklahoma Sooners
What do you get a die-hard Sooners fan for that special occasion when you’ve already got season tickets? That’s the question I found myself with recently when faced with my husband’s upcoming Birthday. I ended up finding this miraculous thing: The Sooners Store

It’s a full, online store with a wide array of clothing and accessories for both guys and girls who want to show their Sooner spirit. My husband is big on hats. He’s always wearing one. Yet I found he lacked Sooner pride in his collection. The Sooners Store has a huge collection of Oklahoma hats. So, I picked out this particular Oklahoma hat, which I found to be quite stylish. 

He loved it! His reason being that it wasn’t plain and ordinary- it’s got some style and uniqueness to it. He liked that it wasn’t the typical Sooners red. Just something different. Apparently, I have good taste and so do the designers for the Sooners store! Plus, I’m sure that rugged look is what won him over as well. The hat has an adjustable snap. There is an entire section of adjustable Oklahoma hats and fitted and flex fit Oklahoma hats

I also browsed through their huge collection of Oklahoma shirts. Since he’ll be a fan for life, I figured I’d get him a shirt that would put that statement out for everyone to see, so I picked out this shirt. Again, an instant excited reaction from him for this piece of game gear! The shirt features distressed screen print graphics, including a Sooners helmet for the “O” in “For Life”, another element that he loved! The shirt is 100% cotton and super soft. It’s been pre-washed and also has a rib-knit collar for further comfort. 

So far, the Sooner Store has yet to let me down. I’ll definitely continue to take advantage of it for other relatives who share our passion for Sooners football!