Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One for my alma mater, OSU!

Ohio State Buckeye’s
(Photo credit: DBduo Photography)
I just wanted to express my appreciation for my one big sporting interest, the Ohio State Buckeyes! After the fall of Jim Tressel I worried the program would flounder for a while, especially with the impending and ongoing sanctions against the program.

But this past weekend there was redemption, to a degree, as the Buckeyes finished off an undefeated season that put a proud smile on the face of alumni like myself.

I realize the program had some issues but it's nice to see things getting turned around, especially as quickly as it has been done here. A lot of credit needs to go to Urban Meyer, but also the kids who never got down on their circumstances and would likely be playing in the national championship if not for the deeds of others.

So, I'm just putting it out there, the Big Ten is in a lot of trouble once things get back up to full speed, as the Buckeyes just went undefeated without everything working at 100%. College football teams everywhere have been warned. :)

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